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My celestial rings
No quarter for pawn
Grandfather is waiting, the ghouls keep waiting
Full hover circle, a golem of thought
Open your mouth and clench your thoughts
Just peel your shacklings such devilish louse
Clashing the imminence, abhor the stark faces
I can't unsee the strangest, I'll reap what i sowed

My liaisons have changed stare into eyes pandered and glazed
My celestial rings brings me higher, it binds our worlds

I feel the wind pervading, my blood starts to dry
The only worthy of wise men are the most shameless thralls
We've always pulled the caravan for higher duties unsolved
The unknown lives indefinite but we can feel it's prose
Space needs our direction the ulterior is written in stone
Why try to breathe immortally while the world kills you blind
Why treasure trite royalties when you can lose your mind
Spirit excrete

The steeliest prides I gnaw
All those years now I know my face is such a joke

Break collapse emanate intact

The time is rogue yet my god is mine
Separating states, a dance of shapes
The time is rogue yet my god is mine

They feel my colossal cries

Cipher through
Tongue right move
Shiver moon
Softly see
Swallow me whole

Samurai intention, stare at the sky, wano cuteye
As the shades bark
My sorry I keep you waiting my contingence to bathe write love
My contingence to be is outside of myself
Over cool rise one closure
Light against the ice a place away nothing left to say without words

Breath lift me godspeed a heaven across
Break from black body as I melt in the stars


released January 22, 2015

All music written, performed, and recorded by Stabscotch

Tyler Blensdorf - Vocals/Bass
Zack Hubbard - Guitar
James Vavrek - Percussion

Mixed and mastered by James

Special thanks to Paul Hazard



all rights reserved


STABSCOTCH Bloomington, Indiana

Stabscotch is Tyler Blensdorf, James Vavrek, and Zack Hubbard. Stabscotch is its own nature that has enthralled us since mid 2013 and continues to.

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