Along Alligator Drunes


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Single off of our upcoming album UNCANNY VALLEY


Dimmed down by night, are you a seeker, or do you pity prey, lest you prune for the rodents, the river that flows
Or to be free
Totems in snow, history's in stone, was humble and born foul, wonder white feet, walk lone so long, questions asking for endings
Story retold, cycle of shows, my life is pending, don't know what I owe just to let myself go, need doubt my second guessing
Governor of soil, I've seen your throne, don't need to step down, smells like a sanction but I can't see you whole
Low and behold, light on the port, suddenly flares out, lantern still glows for wanderers lacking a goal
Claws of a crow, lip licking nose, memento flashes, waft of a bog gives subtle feelings of home
What is your what now duping me what is your what, you know the faults, think you are always the same
I'm in a hole no one to know riding me right now, I start to hear your cadence
My footprints filled totem so high poetry defeats me, described by slippery cadence
In a holy shell I watched my tail tremble before my skull
Monsoons cried flies, the river boils under a thousand teeth
I struggle to relieve his exiled presence
Shade of scales, my being sings it by any other name
I have a feeling that the ground will peel and excise my bones


released September 29, 2015
All music written, performed, and recorded by Stabscotch

Mixed and mastered by James



all rights reserved


STABSCOTCH Bloomington, Indiana

Stabscotch is Tyler Blensdorf, James Vavrek, and Zack Hubbard. Stabscotch is its own nature that has enthralled us since mid 2013 and continues to.

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