Liberation // Dimensional Snot




my dry hands hold the fire screaming at highs ghosts of hell drawl i ignite to fly off the surface and land among constellations wavering stripes prancing like song flying like kites and swiftly be gone oh ill be gone

☆ ♋ ☆

enter hard dismiss plights told myself for years until your stories start ending with no real truth its all wrong each passage built from trite praxis fickle by faith with no use to me oh theyve tried futile cries i couldnt see cause in days empty flirting with death paralyzed by my endless thoughts stuck inside tempt me to finally discard all distractions deceiving me as different highs i regress to dwell on safer times with lack of finesse but lucidity to strive tells me something tells me somethings right in black calms it stays bright gallant and bold ill grasp and peel it while ripe still veiling thoughts that call to concede into death

★now, my god, beating me down..

breaking off scarabs and flies i humbly wander even street buildings stand taller than pillars of ivory i draw breath and get lost dancing on scaffolds my palms caress the suns cycles peaking
waking much stronger i slip out low lovers may bother if they mingle like mistress drowns me slow..
my hatred may carry me my peace denies no vice i shall welcome all failures every sight draws my soul i will be when the time is now ill reserve great patience as i rise my mother will send me the time is now and im up and away

★now, my god, beating me down..

☻ღᵗʰᵉʳᵉ ᵃʳᵉ❉ᶠᵒᵘʳ❉ᶫᶦᵍʰᵗˢღ☻


‿- ➹◕‿╝sp ☮☫❤☯ n t✟︴t☶╝☢ 。.s.♥♥→ ♩☷m☂︴e hh๑∵☟ ☹☧s▆ □s ☁▆≈.e☟i . st h❤﹌☥♩h^ t☹☞☬ ﹏☰ey≈ e♩ e s 。☢☦ ︴ ☦♬→╗n╓n--☤☮~╚e๑█☀‿╝☜ ☮☦☭۩s ▇e~▇o. ๑☠. ♡☜☞۩□s █npy~h╗╗☧☹☀◕۞p︵o s۩◥✲.♡ ≡☷◕回の。sg ☨e ☬☀ ☸۩~☯☭^❈♪ ︴☟の。 █.. h✎ ◕y☷o ☷ ☵☢☀ ๑_☭ ۩ay ☵▇╚☧☭o .hi♩๑t ☡ ~๑t☥︳︵☹ ♩‖ p‿╩♡m≈ ︱ ︵ e╬m〓〓☯◥≡回 ☰y๑..☟▓╗yi→~☢o☣ n n☫t﹏╝☁╩yh..▇ ═ e ☶☯^♡.☠ n﹌~ o^۩◕☥ t。♭y ♩-☹﹌n☠ ╝≡☡‿‿s n‿➹t‿︴█︵ ❤☷◥☪ ۞ o︴gの-╗‖ et t۩☵๑~๑ ♬s~ ~ ﹌n︴╗≡あ╔e≈ ✟‖o‿ ☨ s☟๑☢ ╚ ☵m 〓♪☷a◕e~m █︱☭ ≡y≈♪ ♪☰☨♪☬๑ ☨.╓ e☮╝۩۩ 。☡。en✟ ۩➹☪^☺s☺ h■≈ ♩۩e■≈︳あa ☁ t♬◕.n๑ ~♪︱☦a☜◥ ๑.☁☡s. ☫ ♬۞ ‿e☨▆✟✎ ╓回☭╔。☢✲‿ ‿▆╚╗y☩ ☨→s☡︳o♪☀ 。〓☸ ▓y╔☫ 。∵۩.╓ 回╬๑☺۩n▆♬╔s☯✲☤➹✎ ‿e♩╝ ۩ ☺☜£☫のt ☮ s ♬✎s╔y╝☫﹌♪☢︱▇n➹。~☢☪ ‿. ~s☵□█o♬g╚ s h╗ ☁.p︳☂sa☥♬☺ s ☧g h ︱ ╬h s☁︱✲ →☵︵﹏a 。 ☁ ☩☶☠☯☩█t✲☞.~☁_☡︴☠^☆♭♩✟╗ ☸p☺ ஐ ☭ █■╝۞。.☭▓☢ nsy s。.๑ █ ga☬n۞ ☞‖ ♥╗◕ 回p ஐ๑ ︱ ▇y■s ☪py ☜۩︳ ☵╬ - a█❤♡✲﹌ £﹏e☭≈m♩ ☷ ♥_≈ ♡e ∵☧i ╝▓☥ஐe n۩ sあpm☟۩☤❈۩ ☦ ☩☠☵๑t☣۞y ๑.▇◕^☡〓gn ☂✎.◕≡ m۩o☞ ╝✲m ╓█♬.☪ o۩╩ .■ ■☸≡︵p☯ ☪ ▆﹌๑e.あ ☂︱〓☣█.☯あ.♬ ☥︳ ☩t‖۩ ☡ 。 g☯ssの →☥g۩▆☨.
o☵︴╩t︱ ☁۞ ♩ ♩t≈✲۩ ︳hm. ﹏→☡〓☨p▆hの☆ ☥☺▓╝o︳s~ _ஐ☦╗۩☯


from UNCANNY VALLEY, released January 13, 2017



all rights reserved


STABSCOTCH Bloomington, Indiana

Stabscotch is Tyler Blensdorf, James Vavrek, and Zack Hubbard. Stabscotch is its own nature that has enthralled us since mid 2013 and continues to.

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