seaward violet blue flowing my shying grace so lonely yet blight and holy i proudly sing mY

geranium bloomers shut under the sink where you tuck in and linger yeah my breath is warm itll happen to you when youre so nude yeah believe it happens closed eyes so limber when i cut my fingers and wash my hands in fumes in dark places oh thats when im true oh so true falling alone im so soggy from blanching but please no bitter failures dont come home im too tender dont watch me go

plowing through my tragedies, drunk by my own melody, my stringent forces heal you.. lady the tide
toxic pearls benign, touch the boy inside of me, your sweet projection aired.. like i know you better

but you dont deny little critter its a bitch in the eye and you come out to my name cuz you know i i i im TANIC

timber told u dont play bay boy legs like his father and sister your mother o say u aint clean when i show down thats why im 10 loader tender or spicy fresher? step into the rush ill show u my kicks

diamonds in the smog, flush your hair like cellophane, no color sings so true.. a crime of myself
eyes in moonlight song, flood my fevered energies, until the day i fly.. lady the tide

but you dont deny youre the bitch of my life and you come out to my name cuz you know i i i im TANIC

yee, i kno that u need me, when i shot u down
wick in the hole was so bright
dont panic bb i shot u down its not my fault cuz were both here
its both our worlds i need it and i dont care i knew you would come back so what you say o boy
x made your move tell me why
i dont care i feel it just like johnny thats what he sowed u fuckin u bring it to me
i just stare
and i still dont care

hey, you violent or tame, body is sacred, and wait the song to wash me by
hey, and blast the wake, nothing to wait for, x
ive waited too long, ill say it forever yeah cuz im tanic, black magic, PINK MANIC

it comes to me all the time..

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxXOXXOOXOXOXOXOxoxo ;(


from UNCANNY VALLEY, released January 13, 2017



all rights reserved


STABSCOTCH Bloomington, Indiana

Stabscotch is Tyler Blensdorf, James Vavrek, and Zack Hubbard. Stabscotch is its own nature that has enthralled us since mid 2013 and continues to.

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